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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Starstruck with TVB Artists

And so I had a close encounter and a starstruck last night. Had the chance of a lifetime standing right next to Mandy Wong, Grace Wong and these two hunky gentlemen, Benjamin Yuen and Joel Chan. Grace is my favourite actress. She is super seductive and sexy (she has a great figure) Grace loves to move to the beat and I can see she moves with the music and ajak Mandy groove with her while sitting down. I can feel she is a Dancing Queen. Her popularity skyrocketed after her superb performance as Fa Man in a Martial Arts TVB Drama called A Fist Within Four Walls.

Joel Chan is dashing in real person and is already a veteran in the industry.But Benjamin has most of the appeal that night and was a hit with girls. When Benjamin Yuen blew a flying kiss to the crowd, a bunch of ladies just melted with uuuuuhs and aaaaaahs and he did that a few times, the ladies went wild! Looks like he has a lot of fans here. This is my second time meeting Benjamin Yuen who shot to fame and I first got to know who he was in Tiger Cubs. More pics of him and Him Law in one of my old blogpost. Here's for you to cuci mata. Benjamin's hair is much more presentable now compared to his initial appearance back in 2014.

The stars were in town for an industry preview and helped promote 8TV programmes. Obviously Star Power counts, especially these guys all the way from Hong Kong. The crowd went wild when they appeared. It was a surprise for me cause I didn't know the TV station invited these HK TVB Artists as guests at their event last night. The TV Station, Media Prima did a fantastic show with awesome effects that took over the stage and BIG SCREEN that night.
The stage effects were wonderfully planned out with holographic 3D displays in their presentation. My jaw just dropped.
 Using lights and sound and holographic effects, the ballroom of Majestic Hotel was turned into a grand and eye opening act.
 Talented Bosses of Media Prima who also plays and sings!
Enjoy some of these upclose shots of the stars.
Yup! I was this close to them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed all these pictures.
As a Bonus, I have captured some of their video moments and am pleased to share with my dear readers.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Feng Shui 2018

I believe in Feng Shui. Do you?
Close to Chinese New Year I tend to read up on feng shui and horoscope related articles and see how I would fare for the year. I wish to share some of these useful compilation of mine with you. Hope these are useful for you too.

Here's wishing you a year of endless success, health and wealth. Cheers to 2018 and Gong Xi Fa Cai!


CHART ABOVE: It is believed that on this specific date (Li Chun) on 4th Feb 2018 you will attract more wealth when you bank in some money based on certain hours (according to your animal signs). Just make sure money flows into your account that day and do not take out money from the bank. That means money out. It could be a myth but who cares. I just follow traditions to attract more wealth. 
Take note that banks and ATMs may have super long queue on that day!

General Forecast from Joey Yap.

And below, some random ones sent by my brother from Singapore. Sorry it's not complete. Just these few animal signs.

And below is courtesy of Joo Hing USJ, a place where I purchase all my prayer items. They have been so kind to share these with me.

And lastly, prediction by a Hong Kong TOP sifu 蘇民峰師傅 2018 狗年運程》
Click on the respective video links to see how you fare based on your zodiac signs.

🐶 狗 :

🐷 豬 :

🐭 鼠 :

🐮 牛 :

🐯 虎 :

🐰 兔 :

🐲 龍 :

🐍 蛇 :

🐴 馬 :

🐑 羊 :

🐵 猴 :

🐔 雞 :

I hope these have been helpful for you as an overview. Take these with a pinch of salt and don't over believe everything you see or hear. Just do things moderately lah.
Let's all HUAT together-gather this 2018!

New Year, New Shades

Gearing up for the Chinese New Year? Add a dash of colours to match your attire this Chinese New Year with Mentholatum's New Lip Crayon Lip Balm. It's a mix between a lip care and a lip colour. It serves as a lip enhancer and also nourishes lips with bountiful moisture!

I had the opportunity to test out all 4 shades. My favourite is shade number 04. Not too dark nor too light. It's just the right shade for me and I like it with a subtle peach-like shade.

Shade 01 - Red but is not overly overwhelming
Shade 02 - Lightest among the rest
Shade 03 - Pink with a tinge of rose colour
Shade 04 - Peach shade

To obtain a fuller and more plumped-up look, glide on extra layers. I love how it glides smoothly on my lips with a slight minty and cooling effect.

The Mentholatum Lip Crayon Lip Balm is fragrance free and is retailed at RM19.90 (3g) Available at all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets starting January 2018.

All in time, for a lip-smacking good time this Chinese New Year. Hey you all! Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My Ampang Park story

While most people celebrate their New Year, I would like to dedicate this blogpost to all the tenants and soon-to-be ex-tenants of Ampang Park Shopping Centre. It is a sentimental place for many and I would like to share my Ampang Park Story.

Shopping malls in Malaysia has evolved into giant malls. Older malls loose out and in this case to make way for development. It's sad to see the very first shopping mall in Malaysia go. Malaysia's first shopping mall, Ampang Park will be demolished to make way for an MRT Station. By 31st Dec 2017, all tenants are supposed to move out.  All utilities will be shut off come 31st Dec 2017 and it's not going to be a very Happy New Year for those who run businesses here. Life is tough and development has taken away their livelihood. Tenants were forced to move out not because they want to, but because they had to.

On June 2, 39 Strata owners and tenants of the mall lost a legal challenge over the acquisition of land for the construction of MRT Ampang Park station. 
Many livelihood will be affected. Businesses who have established here were forced to move. My late uncle and aunt's business was one of them. My late uncle and aunt have set up their hair salon business here in Ampang Park in the early 80's. My aunt was devastated and we, as family felt it too when we first heard the news on the acquisition. Lots of time, energy and money were spent on legal battle which they never won. More than 40,000 people signed a petition to save the building. But in the end, they lost it. Ampang Park is a nostalgic place for many. For me, it was growing up here.

My late Uncle and Aunt's Salon - Sam's Unisex Salon has been operating for many years here. They had their fair share of loyal customers, which they have built over time in their business but when they were forced to move, they also end up loosing some of their customers. In a business like this which is location centric, they cater to customers around the vicinity here. 

As a kid, I remember running along the walkway of Ampang Park shop lots. And I spend most of my childhood here, following my Uncle and Aunt to work and sometimes hanging out from morning till evening until they close. My siblings used to play catching here and to me this was like a maze. A maze of floors and steps that we climb up and down and finding path that connects. There used to be a playland many years ago right at the top floor!
The walkway where I used to run when I was a child.

The Ampang Park Shopping Centre certainly has a place in my heart. 
My favourite makan place has to be Cosy Corner. Located just next to my Aunt's salon it was so convenient for us and for them (and their customers) to just order food and they just deliver it over. They have also moved out since.

A sign board notifying people that they have since moved to Selangor Dreging.

I remember when it's close to Hari Raya, many would come here to shop for Raya clothes. There are tons of small stalls here that sells Malay clothes. Ampang Park was hit among the Malays. This will be a view I remember for life cause this is the view from the top of my Uncle and Aunt's shop that I see all the time.

The front porch of Ampang Park where many small stalls were seen and a stairway that leads you right up from the Ampang Park LRT station.

These shots were taken back in end October where you still see some shops in operation but there were just no shoppers around. By that time, businesses already know their fate and some have prepared to move away.

In the end, all we have are just memories.

Memories of a place that was once close to our hearts. Gone forever.
A place where I grew up, where businesses flourished for some. A place where someone spent their days and their livelihood depending on it. A place some people call their second home.

My aunt's salon business have since moved to Wisma Central, located also along Jalan Ampang with hopes to retain most of their loyal customers.  This is their new place! If you're around the area, do drop by to support her!

Sam's Unisex Salon
Lot 1.41 & 1.42, Ground Floor, 
Wisma Central, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel; 03-21617886
Open from Mon - Sat (11am - 7pm)

Spanking new place with a brand new look! All looking bright and clean. The space may not be as huge as Ampang Park, but it will do for now. Let's hope everything goes well for her.
With the fate of Ampang Park being demolished very soon, one must make a change and move ahead. Well, life must go on for those running a business. 

I was just having a casual chat with my dear friend Janet and she shared her story of how her husband, Mr. Lee Kwee Chow designed the Ampang Park logo. What a coincidence! I was just sharing with her that I was preparing to do a story on Ampang Park. 
The link bridge from Ampang Park leading to The Intermark.
Ampang Park building as seen from across The Intermark with the KLCC Twin Towers, which is just a stone's throw away, clearly visible by its side.
The view from above the link bridge looking down at the busy streets of Jalan Ampang.
Goodbye Ampang Park. You will be missed dearly by some.

Heartwarming Nostalgic Video Tribute by BFM